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Manitoba Zip Lines


Hy-Wire Zip line Adventures
P.O Box 30 R.R.2., Manitou, Manitoba R0G 1G0 Canada
1 (204) 242-3396 or 1 (204) 779-6528
Hy-Wire Zip line Adventures
Get a view of the Pembina Valley traversing ravines. Has 5 cables launching 150 feet above ground level. This is a 2 hour adventure with guides. The cables are 500 feet to 1400 feet long and set up in a back and fourth pattern ending where you begin. Ziplines are on cables 20 feet to approximately 200 feet in the air and ranging from 500 feet to 1500 feet longer. They have to tours of either 5 cables or 8 cables. At this time, the 8 cable tour has the longest and highest cable in Manitoba. New canteen open as of September 1st 2018

St. Adolphe

Amazing Zip Lines
Box 364, St. Adolphe, Manitoba R5A 1A2 Canada
Amazing Zip Lines
2 hour zipline tour.